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Meet founder & designer / Maria Del Villar

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Maria, creative director & founder of Del Villar. I am a designer, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina — now living in Byron Bay, Australia.

What inspired you to become a designer?

I’ve always loved designing since I was young, making clothes for myself and friends. Drawn to the look and feel of different fabrics and inspired by musicians that were my idols, I would try to re-imagine and recreate their looks and garments. This led me to do a degree in fashion design at the University of Buenos Aires.

What was your journey to get to Del Villar?

After finishing my post-grad studies in Barcelona, I decided to spend some time travelling around the world absorbing different experiences, cultures and religions whilst also further exploring my love for learning and design. From intense yoga training to silversmith/jewellery courses in India, making and selling my own clothes in artisanal markets throughout the Americas and hand crafting leather accessories in Australia. All these endeavours and experiences gave me enriched growth in design and complimented my knowledge. Del Villar was born once I settled down in Australia, wanting to revisit my roots in fashion design and create a platform to share my work & Ideas.


Lava Dress - Black

Viento Dress - Linen - Beige

Del Villar - Arena Dress - cotton

 How do you want women to feel when wearing Del Villar?

I want them to feel  comfortable, confident  and  beautiful in their own skin.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the collection “Symbiosis”?

Symbiosis was inspired by the relationship between rigidity and movement in nature.  Shapes, textures, movements, evolution, the ideas and references to work with are endless.

Espumoso Dress

Lava Dress

What are you currently working on?

I am working on the next clothing collection (coming soon) and on a jewellery capsule, which is very exciting! 

What is the social impact that makes Del Villar create pieces with soul?

Our social mission is to empower women and create a positive impact on the planet by designing timeless garments of lasting quality responsibly. We are proud to be working with our tree planting partner, Greenfleet and social enterprise, Bali Life. Every Del Villar garment funds native biodiverse forest projects in Australia and empowers women and children in Bali by funding employment and education opportunities.

What are your rituals/ activities? 

My morning ritual starts with a short meditation, writing down what I am grateful for and exercising. Brewing a pot of chai tea (in the old school Indian way) every morning is also an important part of my routine. The ocean keeps me grounded and connected to myself, going for a daily swim or surf fills me with joy. I also love reading and have been spending time learning new recipes and exploring different dietary philosophies.

What is your favourite colour?

red - red - red - red - red


Espumoso Dress


Viento Dress


Del Villar - Arena Dress


Salvia Dress


Arena Dress