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Meets / Rojas Nunez

Salvia dress - Del Villar
Salvia Dress - Del Villar

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a Chilean born, Arizona raised painter living in Byron Bay. I base my practice on movement and this allows me to freely process what’s in my mind to a tangible source. I paint using multiple mediums: milk base, oil and gouache on paper or cotton. Using an unstructured method, to keep it as free as I can achieve.

Do you have any daily rituals/activities?

My rituals are to paint, play, paint and play again.

How has your cultural origins and journey through life influenced you as a person?

My culture is incredibly important to me. I am a Chilean of Indigenous, African and Spanish descent. I find identity in the knowledge and knowing of my origins.
They are truly the source to why I’m painting the way I am. Also living and working in multiple countries has given me other worldly influences.

How do you feel when you paint? What inspires your body movements while painting?

 My body moves to the music in my mind or playing in my studio. Even just the sounds brought in from outside are enough to inspire my movements.
Sometimes no sound at all can encompass something beautiful.
This all comes through my subconscious and is a key element to my process.
Like ghosts dancing with me.

Espumoso Dress - Sky Blue - Del Villar
Espumoso Dress - Sky Blue - Del Villar

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on finishing the painting I see in my mind. I usually feel expressions inside my body and mind and they nudge at me to bring them out into existence.

What brought you to Australia?

Love brought me here, love keeps me here.

Some of your favourite artists.

Nowadays I'm into female artists/artists that are culturally empowered. Velma Rosai, Marco Ribeiro who makes wearable art in France, Renee Friedrich Creator of an amazing publication Anaise in America and my friend Ilsa Wynne Holelscher Kidd in Melbourne Australia. I find art comes in many forms.

Films/ books that you would recommend?

I love Charlie Chaplin. It reminds me of my mother. We watched a lot of Chaplin movies together. Books to get lost in the obscure. I recommend going to a bookshop or library and just surround yourself with literature and imagery of people who took the time to write or take a real photograph or draw. All of this will soak into your being. The book will find you.

What do you look for in the clothes you wear/buy?

I love how the body can be your canvas to express what you're feeling. Clothing allows expression within colours, textures and shapes. The basis of what I look for is comfort and effortlessness in a garment. The most important ingredient is personal style and bringing yourself into the clothes you wear.

Caliza Dress - Del Villar

Caliza Dress - Del Villar

Caliza Dress - Del Villar